Memories are about moments. Moments you weave together to create the stories you tell your family and friends. As these stories grow old they become the history you tell your grandchildren and they tell theirs. Our goal is to create contemporary heirlooms which allow you to celebrate these moments and weave new stories which inspire others to dream.

If a person's character is their fate in Hermione's case this left her brought up surrounded by romantic memories in search of lost time. From her mother's eternal grandmother escaping the French Revolution after the celebrated death of her husband the Marquis de Launay to her father's fleeing Germany with just her sons and ending up marrying one to a Clarks heiress she has always been encouraged by stories of strong women able to wrap life around themselves.

In many ways it was Agnes Clark who most inspired Hermione, more interested as she was in flying single handed over the Alps, being friends with the Queen Mother and Princess Diana's father and having champagne for breakfast than making shoes. In fact it was a small emerald, diamond and gold sewing kit with Agnes' monogram Hermione used to play with which originally inspired the HdeP logo. With her aunt Lady Helena illustrating couture for the original editions of Vogue and her grandfather winning the Prix de Rome, standing on these shoulders small wonder she has always been drawn creatively towards the Yin and Yang of heritage and iconoclasm, craft and spontaneity.

Hermione launched her eponymous label in 2008 after graduating from Central St Martins and gaining experience working at Dior Couture, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano – who eventually wore one of the pieces from her first collections. It was however the opportunity of collaborating with Jennifer Nicholson in LA which introduced the red-carpet world of Hollywood to Hermione. This led her to work with the head of costume at Warner Bros and later dress stars including Florence Welch, Beyoncé and Kiera Knightly. She has also had the opportunity of working in collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood and creating a unique collection for the Queen of Thailand as part of her birthday celebrations. This experience of bespoke creations inspired Hermione's first wedding gown from a personal request within the industry in 2013 and the subsequent launch of her bridal studio in 2015.

Hermione's work has always embodied a world where the exotic meets the traditional as romantic flights embolden classic English florals to create something personal yet immutable. It is this entanglement of perspective which inspires her creatively, embedding intricate imagery in the smallest details to disguise a personalised moment in something timeless. More art than fashion Hermione's hand-crafted pieces challenge you to expect the unexpected so you have the courage embrace it.

To find out more about the journey of your dress and some the history entwined in Hermione’s studio in the heart of Old Spitalfields please take a moment to look at Journey of the dress: History and Huguenots.

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